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Provilan for optimal care and environmental hygiene

Provilan® is a brand of cleaning, hygiene and care products for humans and animals made from eco-friendly and highly effective ingredients. The great advantage of our products is based on the addition of active and supportive microorganisms, better known as probiotics.

We propose a large range of products through different sectors of use that are developped with one purpose: effective cleaning and healing while facing two major challenges: the problem of antimicrobial resistance and the preservation of our ecosystem. We do innovative biotechnology born of science, inspired by nature. The beneficial effects of probiotics in our digestive system became obvious for us, we researched an developped skin and hard surfaces, respectively care and hygiene solutions to rebalance our microfloras.

  1. Sustainable hygiene

  2. Eco-friendly

  3. Optimal well-being

  4. Scientifically proven

  5. No animal testing

  6. Vegan certified

Set of eco-friendly care and cleaning products for pets
LUCAA+Natural products for complete care and a perfect hygiene of all your pets
Set of eco-friendly cleaning products for the house
EVAA+Eco-friendly hygiene products for a deep cleaning of your house
Set of eco-friendly cleaning products for paramedical areas and public institutions
DENAA+Natural cleaning products for paramedical areas and public institutions
Probiotic-based solutions for septic tanks, aquatic environments and industries
TERRAA+Probiotic-based solutions for septic tanks, aquatic environments and industries

Happy consumers

  1. “Great people who make a lot of efforts to continue improving their products. Impressive products that give good results on our sport horses, breeding mares and foals.
    We especially like that the Provilan products are environmentally friendly and it makes us wanting to use them over all other traditional products in the market.”

    Elodie de Biolley – Gestüt Sonnenhof (Belgium)

  2. “On the Animal Event I purchased a bottle of Pet Wound Care from the LUCAA+ product range. I am very positive about it! Since I treated crab and biting wounds with this spray I didn’t have any inflammation anymore! So not only for (house) animals but also for humans a good functioning product!”

    Testimonial received on Facebook

  3. LUCAA+ Horse Eczema Protection: This product has a very pleasant smell and it heals strangles well. I have also noticed that it is effective against horseflies & wasps. Moreover, the ingredients are healthy, natural & eco-friendly!

    LUCAA+ Odor Remover: Top product! Effective as I have never seen it before: all bad smells left by my dog have disappeared. I recommend it to everyone!”

    Testimonial received on Amazon


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