Surface cleaner

DENAA+ Surface Cleaner provides a microscopic deep cleaning on all water-resistant surfaces with a pleasant mint scent, any room will stay clean and fresh throughout the day. DENAA+ Surface Cleaner Spray can be applied to any moisture-resistant surface – this has been tested as well on rather sensitive materials such as marble, blue stone and resin.

This product exists as well in a concentrated form with a dilution ratio of 1 to 80+ meaning that users can go up-to 100l of a finished product after dilution. Provilan’s recommendation is 1:80 for consistent results.

  1. Efficient cleaning with no carbon foot print
  2. Removes fatty biofilms on treated surfaces
  3. Eliminates immediately unpleasant odours from organic sources (e.g. onion)
  4. Long-term fresh feeling thanks to natural scent
  5. Optimises local microflora by diversifying the environment
  6. Eco-friendly and eco-certified ingredients
  7. Not harmful or irritating during use
  8. Economic in use as concentrates are available for professional responsible consumption

EAN : 8719128120096 (500ml RTU)
EAN : 8719128120409 (1l RTU) | 8719128121475 (1l CON)
EAN : 8719128122892 (5l RTU) | 8719128121482 (5l CON)
EAN : 8719128121321 (25l RTU)

Paramedical areas & public institutions - surface cleaner


Spray lightly on the surface and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth or wet tissue.

Dilute the concentrate form with water.
Suggested dilution ratio is 1:80 but maximum tolerated ratio is 1:100.


  1. Water (> 30 %)
  2. Microorganisms (< 1%)
  3. Eco-certified surfactants (< 2%)
  4. Mint aroma (< 1 %)


  1. PCR bottle Spray – 500ml – higher volumes are available too


Shake before use. Do not use in combination with other products. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a dry place between 10°C & 30°C and out of children’s reach.

This product is certified

SDKCruelty-free & VeganRecyclable
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