ANNAA+Cleaning & care for the farming field

For what purpose ?

The ANNAA+ range is a set of cleaning and care products for cleaning and care in livestock farming. Our products clean thoroughly, which is beneficial for animals living in barns. A healthy and optimised balance ensures better health and faster development for poultry, cattle and other farm and livestock animals.

The advantage of our solutions

Composed of beneficial microorganisms, better known as probiotics, and 100% ecological ingredients, our solutions effectively clean thoroughly while being eco-friendly.

Our products are biodegradable and do not hide odours but actively eliminate the organic molecules responsible for them. In addition, they are, of course, guaranteed to be safe for you and the environment.

  1. Cleaning spray to prevent & protect from a mastitis infection in the farming fieldMastisis prevention
  2. Wound spray for the farming fieldWound spray
  3. Stables cleaner for the farming fieldStables cleaner
  4. Liquid stables stabilizer for the farming fieldLiquid stables stabilizer
  5. Stables waterworks cleaner for the farming fieldWaterworks cleaner