Pet ear care

LUCAA+ Pet Ear Care is a natural solution allowing a quick and easy treatment of pet’s ears. Microorganisms perform a thorough cleaning of the ear canal, introduce a healthy microbial balance and eliminate organic waste that can cause inflammation. This product is safe for your animal, the composition is based on natural ingredients from the EU.

EAN : 8719128120126
This product is not a medicine or a medical device.

Pets ear care


Pour a few drops directly into the ear 2 to 4 times a week depending on the state of cleanliness. Remove the loosened dirt with a soft cloth after some time. Never try with cotton swabs to clean the deep ear canal! This can cause irreparable damage.


  1. Water (> 30 %)
  2. Microorganisms (< 10 %)
  3. Soft surfactant (< 2,5 %)


  1. Spray – 100ml
  2. Available in many different sizes, contact us for any advice


Shake before use. Do not use in combination with other products. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a dry place between 10°C & 35°C and out of children’s reach.

This product is certified

sdkCruelty-free & VeganRecyclable
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