Domestic floor cleaner

EVAA+ Green All Floor Cleaner is a microbial cleaner which continues its effects where other classical chemical products stop. When cleaning with traditional chemicals, the cleaning process stops once the surface has dried. The helpful and living microorganisms which have been added to EVAA+ Green All Floor Cleaner will ensure a microscopic in-depth cleaning. The composition of mild surfactants assures the user of a safe product and a strong reduction in the environmental burden. This product has been tested on different materials, some sensitive to pH – this product is pH neutral. It is a concentrated product to dilute with water. This product contributes to the circular economy concept – recycled packaging and chemical free waste water.

  1. Thorough and effective cleaning for all types of floors
  2. Eliminates naturally organic molecules responsible for unpleasant odours
  3. Eco-friendly and -certified product
  4. Quickly biodegradable so environmentally friendly
  5. Not harmful or irritating during use, skin and lungs are safe with us
  6. Economic in use, dilution ration 1 to 100 – save money now

Natural Detergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard available at
EAN : 8719128120539 (1l)

House floor cleaner


Depending on the level of dirt, add 40 to 80ml EVAA+ Green All Floor Cleaner to 10l of warm or lukewarm water and wipe the floor with a mop. When cleaning by scrubbing creates foam, rinse off the extra. It is recommended to have a shiny floor. Microorganisms stay on the surface even after a rinse off (with water).


  1. Water (> 30 %)
  2. Eco-certified surfactants (< 13 %)
  3. Microorganisms (< 5 %)
  4. Orange & pomegranate aroma (< 1 %)


  1. PCR Bottle with closing cap – 1l – higher volumes sur as refills are available


Shake before use. Do not use in combination with other products. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a dry place between 10°C & 30°C and out of children’s reach.

This product is certified

sdkCruelty-free & VeganRecyclable
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