TERRAA+Probiotic-based solutions for septic tanks, aquatic environments and industries

For what purpose ?

Causes of polluted soils and waters are numerous. It can be due to poorly managed human activities, accidents, leakage of harmful products or even general waste,… TERRAA+ has been designed to preserve our environment and to clean up contaminated soils and waters. It’s a set of probiotic bacteria especially developed to meet specific needs such as contaminated soils and waters treatment as well as sludge and organic matter reduction.

The advantage of our solutions

Terraa+ is composed of beneficial microorganisms, better known as probiotics, and 100% ecological and natural ingredients. Delivered in powder form, the high concentration of active microorganisms will provide a stable microbial environment.

  1. Activateurs fosses septiquesSeptic tank maintenance
  2. Probiotiques réducteurs de matières hydrocarburesHydrocarbon reducer
  3. Conditionneur d'eau pour étangsWater purifier