Probiotics in the world of care and cleaning

What are probiotics?

Probiotics, according to the WHO, are living microorganisms that when ingested in sufficient quantity, have positive effects on health. Each probiotic has its own distinctiveness and its main action points. They are classified in a rather complex way.

“Classic (chemical) cleaning” and “probiotic cleaning”

The problem

Chemical products used daily, on top of endangering our environment, can no longer fulfil their cleaning / care mission with optimal efficiency. Indeed, the overuse of cleaners, disinfectants and antibiotics has led to habituation in pathogenic bacteria that have begun to develop resistance to different chemical agents. To make matters worse, these products are also dangerous for us: by causing a biological imbalance they promote the risk of bacterial infections. This latter situation is particularly problematic in hospitals where bacteria are involved in a wide range of nosocomial infections.

Our solution

Promote regular cleaning with probiotics! Active microorganisms have some characteristics which are much sought after in the field of cleaning:

  1. Totally harmless for humans and animals, food safe
  2. They provide microscopic cleaning
  3. They eliminate organic waste
  4. They ensure a healthy and safe biological balance
  5. They actively contribute to eliminate bad odours
  6. Effective for several days

These capabilities now enable thorough and completely safe cleaning for everyone.